Montessori Continents and Animals Pocket Cards
Montessori Continents and Animals Pocket Cards
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Montessori Continents and Animals Pocket Cards

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This Montessori continents bundle includes 10 animals for each continent. The featured animals are real isolated images in full color. I have even added several extra animals for each continent at the end of the bundle. I will also continue to update this collection of animals and add more as the images are available from the original clipart artist. Each continent is color coded per Montessori standards and the cards are also color coded to match the continent color. This is a gorgeous bundle of animals from all over the world! Don't miss it!

Also, included is a separate set of "Arctic Circle" animals.

- Montessori Continent Cards - Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australia (Oceania), Antarctica, Europe, (plus the Arctic Circle)
- 10 Animals for Each Continent - Color Coded Borders to Match Continent Cards
- Extra Page of Animals to Add In
- Continents on the Globe Cards (Color Coded Borders and Black Borders)