Kindness Toddler Bundle
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Kindness Toddler Bundle

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The Kindness Toddler Bundle is perfect for ages 1-3 years old. This bundle will help teach your child about being kind to others. Each toddler bundle is around 30 pages of hands-on printables (pdf) and fun activities to enjoy with your little one!

It includes:

  • Kindness: Corduroy Bear Lacing Work (from the book)
  • Kindness = Cleanliness Cards
  • Care of Self, Family, & the Environment
  • Sorting Work: Kind vs. Unkind
  • Emotions Cards & Spinner
  • Daily Care Cards
  • Cultural Awareness Activities
  • Color a Friend
  • Playdough Heads

*Each themed toddler bundle is also included in the LITTLE HANDS LEARN unit studies. Visit: for more detailed information and hands-on learning for ages 3-6 years.