Geology Unit Bundle
Geology Unit Bundle
Geology Unit Bundle
Geology Unit Bundle
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Geology Unit Bundle

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This Geology Unit Bundle (135 pages) includes a variety of play based hands-on activities that will help your child learn about gemstones, dinosaurs, volcanos, and fossils for ages 3-9 years old.

Here are a few of the activities included in the bundle:

  • Gorgeous Colorful Gemstone Identification
  • Dinosaurs: Learn about the types of dinosaurs & more!
  • Volcano: Learn the parts of a volcano & more!
  • Fossil Identification: Learn how to identify different types of fossils by their appearance, properties, and where they are found

Also, there is a fun DIY felt volcano and dinosaur life-cycle templates with step-by-step picture instructions!

Table of Contents

  • Rock Cycle Lesson
  • Shelf Set-Up Image
  • Recommended Book List 
  • Tray Set-Up
  • Tray Material Lists 
  • Volcano Fact File 
  • Parts of a Volcano 
  • DIY Felt Volcano Template 
  • Rock Life-Cycle 
  • Volcano Themed Math 
  • Dinosaur Fact File 
  • Dinosaur ABC Poster 
  • Dinosaur ABC Fact Cards 
  • Upper & Lower Case Matching 
  • Parts of a Dinosaur 
  • Dinosaur Life-Cycle 
  • DIY Felt Dinosaur Life-Cycle Template 
  • Finish the Pattern 
  • Skip Counting 
  • Gemstone Fact File 
  • Parts of a Cut Gem
  • Color Cards 
  • Color Matching 
  • Sorting Color Blocks for Gems & Gem Coins 
  • Odd Color Out 
  • Gemstone ABC Poster 
  • Gemstone ABC Tracing Posters & Cards 
  • Upper & Lower Case Matching
  • Finish the Pattern 
  • What is different? 
  • Gemstone Themed Math 
  • Fossil Fact File 
  • Fossil Poster 
  • Montessori Fossil 3-Part Cards or 4-Part Cards 
  • Fossil Word Search