Christmas Unit Study
Christmas Unit Study
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Christmas Unit Study

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Unwrap a treasure trove of Christmas-themed learning activities for your child this holiday season!

This 175+ page (PDF) comprehensive unit study is packed with engaging activities designed to nurture young minds and ignite a love for learning.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Reading & Storytelling:

    • A curated Christmas book list featuring heartwarming stories and classic tales to spark a love for reading.
    • Charlotte Mason menu pages perfect for your quiet morning routine.

Exploration & Discovery:

    • On the Shelves activities encourage children to explore the world around them through sensory experiences and imaginative play.
    • Fact files on Christmas and Santa Claus satisfy curious minds and answer burning questions.

Play & Development:

    • Toddler Printables: Introduce basic concepts like colors, shapes, and counting through playful activities.
    • Matching and 2-part puzzles develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • Shape activities encourage creative expression and fine motor skills development.
    • Pipe cleaner designs and popsicle stick crafts inspire creativity and imagination.
    • Coloring pages and size sorting activities provide opportunities for relaxation and learning.
    • Pine cone and bulb counting introduces early math concepts in a fun way.
    • Holiday gift tags add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts.

Festive Fun:

    • Poinsettia felt puzzle and fact file introduce children to this beautiful holiday flower.
    • Evergreen tree felt puzzle and fact file spark curiosity about the symbolism of this holiday staple.
    • Life-cycle printables explore the fascinating life cycles of evergreen trees, poinsettias, and reindeer.
    • Holidays Around the World Fact Cards broaden children's cultural understanding and appreciation for diverse traditions.

Language & Literacy:

    • Winter alphabet poster and activities make learning the alphabet a joyful experience.
    • Finish the pattern and cutting strips activities develop visual discrimination and fine motor skills.
    • Language work sheets provide fun and engaging ways to practice essential language skills.

Math & Numbers:

    • Winter counting activities strengthen number recognition and counting skills.
    • Addition and subtraction activities introduce basic math concepts in a playful way.
    • Skip tracing puzzles challenge young minds and develop problem-solving skills.